Sound Machine

Sound Machine is a metal box constructed from 3/16” steel plate and housing 12 sound cards.  The sound cards each contain less than 20 seconds of a single type of noise recorded by the artist. The viewer accesses these different noises by plugging an attached phono plug into any one of 12 phono jacks on the front of the piece.  The noise on the sound card connected to the chosen jack plays through the speaker hidden in the attached can.  Like a time machine, Sound Machine attempts to transport one to a different place or point in time, but does so through memories triggered by its nondescript fragments of sound.  The dimensions of the piece are 16”L x 12 ½”D x 15 ½”H (or 4”H when closed). 

Piech_Melanie_Sound Machine 1

Piech_Melanie_Sound Machine 2

Piech_Melanie_Sound Machine 3