I Wish You the Antonyms and the Space In-Between

What can be offered by an outsider to the survivors of the Carr fire? The written and video media of those days reveal whole communities and individuals pushed to the absolute edge. Reading, hearing, and watching the accounts fill one’s mind with dark words like “inferno,” “terror,” and “death.” Words usually thought to be benign, such as “wind,” “heat,” and “smoke,” take on darker meanings. Thinking about these words and their dark meanings made me want to negate them with their opposites, their antonyms. In this sense, I was hoping to define a mental/emotional space bounded by “the worst” on one end and “the better” on the other, with room for healing in between. The etched pieces of glass on the three fire-damaged lighting fixtures each contain one of these word pairings or an identifying fact of the fire.