Artist’s Statement

Sculpture gives me the opportunity to transmute form into a vessel for meaning. Metal is my primary medium. I am drawn to its foundational role in industry and infrastructure and have chosen to work with it in part for how it encodes my art with this history. While my artworks have this linkage to industry, they also have a bodily connection, whether through the work’s overt reference to bodily presence or through the viewer’s actual or imagined bodily interaction with the work. This intimacy is present regardless of scale, from my larger outdoor pieces to my smaller table-top sized ones.

From concept through construction, the process of making each piece is as significant to me as the end result. Making things oneself keeps alive a type of language regarding how things are built and how things work that I fear we are in danger of losing. Making things oneself also represents a form of rebellion, a rejection of our modern produced-in-excess, produced-elsewhere, produced-to-be-used-and-discarded ways.

My art explores questions I have about our individual human and collective societal experience. In particular, I return to themes of time’s passage, female-ness including gender-equality, and social justice. For me, the bodily connection in the artworks forces an intimacy with the viewer that loosens barriers to empathy. Through my art, I want to encourage people to ruminate about their lives and how we fit together in our society, to engage others in discussion, even if it is only in their heads.